^2500Hi.. ^1000 I am Gbenga Aderobaki.^1000
An Engineer and a Web developer ^1000
Welcome to my website..^1000
I am a creative person and in love with design both precision and freestyle. ^1000
I currently live in Lagos, Nigeria. ^1000
So if you want to work with me, write me an email ^3000 gaderobaki@myndkraft.com

What we do

  • Well Engineering

  • Web Design

  • Photography

We provide personnel for Oil well drilling engineering roles to the upstream sector Oil Exploration and Production

We design an develop functional and creativity mastered websites for our customers. This is inclusive of detailed maintainance plan to ensure quality is never compromised

We also provide personnel photographic services for your events, functions and projects.

Find a few of the Web Design projects concluded and ongoing below:

Who we are

Yes, crazy I agree. How do you combine this 3 things without running mad?.

Well I am and I am having the time of my life, Well Engineering my career, Web Designing a hobby and Photography a necessity of life . You must be wondering if I am a genius, nah just an ordinary person seeking to do extraordinary things and make a difference.

On a lighter note, myndkraft basically works on having a pool of engineers and programmers who are readily available for projects as most people refer to as freelancers. The advantage of having experienced personnel in our business continually gives the creative edge in our products and services.

Get in touch

Shasha, Egbeda. Lagos.
P: (234)-(8093)-(525)-(698) | Email:gaderobaki@myndkraft.com